Cookies using policy

We use cookies or other technologies that collect information about your browser to ensure the convenience and security of using our site. We respect the privacy of your data, so you can adjust your cookie settings at any time. Most browsers allow you to display, delete and manage cookie settings. The stored information allows us to improve the quality of our products according to your preferences.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by an online store server or application that are stored on the customer’s end device (for example, a computer or smartphone). They are used to store information and analytical and statistical data necessary for the proper operation of the service and adaptation of the store to your preferences. Cookies do not affect your device and do not change the settings of the end device. Depending on the type, cookies are deleted after closing the browser (session cookies) or stored on the device for a certain period of time (persistent cookies). Cookies help us improve the quality of our services.


What cookie technologies do we use?

Our online store uses technologies that store data on end devices for analytical and marketing purposes, as well as to ensure the proper functioning of the store in order to optimally match our products and services to your expectations. The site may use similar cookie functions (for example, local storage), so the information presented here also applies to these technologies.


To whom does the cookie technology apply?

Cookie technology (or similar technologies) is used every time you use our services through the App or online store. Cookies are stored on your device based on your preferences and device settings, such as your browser settings.


Do cookies store personal data?

The stored information does not contain any personal data that can directly identify you. Some information may become personal data in combination with data obtained during your registration on our site.


For what purpose do we use cookies?

Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the online store, and in this connection, information is stored for the following purposes:



Your consent is not required for the use of mandatory cookies.


To ensure your convenience and security when visiting the online store, we use functional and personalized cookies that store the following information:



Analytical cookies store information about how you use the site. They help us improve the quality of our products and services to ensure maximum user-friendliness of the site.


Analytical systems collect the following information:



Advertising cookies are used to present products to you according to your preferences in order to display products and services that best meet your needs.


We store them in order to:


The use of functional, analytical and marketing cookies requires your consent.


Deleting cookies

By default, browsers or other software installed on a user’s computer or other Internet-connected device allow certain types of cookies to be placed on devices. You can block or delete cookies from our online store or our partners at any time by changing the privacy settings in your browser settings.


How to block/delete cookies depends on the browser you use. To learn how to delete cookies, go to the Help tab on your browser. For example, the cookie settings in Internet Explorer can be changed as follows:

Tools ->Internet Options ->Privacy; in Mozilla Firefox: Settings ->Privacy and security; and in Google Chrome: Settings ->Privacy and security ->Cookies and other data from sites.

We remind you that the purpose of saving cookies is to give you access to the correct and uninterrupted use of our site and to ensure the convenience of shopping in our online stores in accordance with your preferences and fashion tastes.


Deleting cookies does not mean that the Controller also deletes the Personal Data obtained with the help of cookies.